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These are some of my projects, I develop on my spare time. They are all in development right now, but flocon, because I consider none of them as finished. The repositories on my bitbucket are synced, so go there to know which project is the most active right now!

Projects descriptions.

[configs]: My own configuration

Not actually a project, but you can find my complete configuration on bitbucket, in hope it will help you make your own.

[flocon]: Archlinux packages shared on local network

Can't have an HTTP proxy and everyone on your local network is downloading the same packages from archlinux packages repository?

Share them, get them quick! flocon will share your cache for others, and try to download from other's caches when installing.

[lpbm]: Lightweight Personal Blog Maker

LPBM is blog generator written in python that produces a basic blog with key features from markdown files.

Version 2 status: Needs testing.

[nebula]: GameBoy Emulator.

This project is an implementation GameBoy color emulator, but without the colors yet. So it currently implements only the plain old GameBoy. It aims to be clean C++ that helps study hardware emulation. It can run some games and will be able to run more very soon, with color and sound!

[bracoujl]: Emulator debugging tool.

Ever tried to debug a CPU emulator? I found it quite hard and reading the logs by hand soon becomes too much work, since the emulator will execute a lot of instructions.

Bracoujl was designed to help with this task by reconstructing the graph of the program executed. It also compares two graphs and can find the differences. This is super useful to highlight instructions of the wrong size, wrong jumps, wrong decoding of opcodes, ...

[srddl]: Fun with binary data!

This project aims to enhance the manipulation of structured binary data by providing a easy way do describe and visualize it. It currently only unpack structures from binary file, but it will soon provide a nice GUI!


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